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MATSOLworks is a service linking MATSOL members seeking jobs in the field of ESOL and Bilingual Education with programs and employers in Adult Education, Higher Education, Workplace Education and the K-12 Sector.


There are two ways to access the MATSOL job listings:

- Complete this online form to subscribe to MATSOLworks and receive job listings by e-mail.

- View MATSOLworks job postings online (login required).


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MATSOL does not screen the working conditions of programs that post positions on MATSOLworks. It is recommended that you thoroughly research any program to which you apply.  MATSOL does not guarantee any specific number of listings per year, as our list is dependent on employment opportunities and on employers' use of this service.  Listings are generally sent out once a week, depending on submissions received from employers.

MATSOL ESOL Program Directory

Profiles of adult and higher education ESOL programs in Massachusetts.  The directory will be updated as more entries are received. 

Click here to download or print. alt

MATSOL published this directory in print format for nearly 20 years starting in 1980.  

Other Employment Resources

More Sources for Job Listings

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SABES - System for Adult Basic EducationPromotes high quality adult basic education services through training, support, and resources that improve the skills and knowledge of practitioners and strengthen programs. 

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