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Keynote Speakers

Thursday, May 2

Designing a 21st Century Classroom for English Language Learners
Tom Daccord, EdTechTeacher

Emerging technologies, a globalized world, and a changing labor market demand innovative approaches to education. We'll look at the most important roles that technology can play in the classroom and, in particular, how technology can nurture "complex communication" and "expert thinking" skills in the language learning classroom. The presentation highlights innovative educational uses of established and emerging technologies and shows how teachers can use technology to empower students and facilitate creative, student-centric learning environments.  It builds on research regarding effective professional learning and shares models and resources to help teachers effectively integrate 21st century skills into their courses.

altTom Daccord is an educational technology speaker, instructor, and writer who has worked with schools, districts, colleges and educational organizations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Tom has written two books on educational technology and presented on educational technology topics at national and international conferences. He has produced a series of online courses on Web 2.0 and iPad integration, as well as 21st century school leadership and classroom assessment. A former high school teacher, Tom has been featured in the Boston Globe for his contributions to teaching with technology and invited to Singapore by the Ministry of Education as an “Outstanding Educator in Residence. In addition to leading EdTechTeacher, Tom is an advisor to Massachusetts Computer Users in Education (MassCUE), and the Massachusetts Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (MASCD).

Friday, May 3

Using Brain Research to Enhance and Energize Language Instruction: The Multiple Pathways Model
Dr. Janet Zadina, Educational Neuroscientist

Come see with your own eyes how learning changes the brain!  Go beyond visual, auditory, and kinesthetic pathways and utilize multiple pathways in your lessons. This Multiple Pathways Model will provide you with an understanding of the many pathways by which the brain can learn and how second language impacts the learning pathways. In this exciting presentation, loaded with images and scattered with interactive experiences, attendees will learn about these lesser known pathways and acquire strategies that can be added to curriculum design to reach diverse and struggling language learners. Come prepared to laugh, learn, experience, and engage.

altDr. Janet Zadina is a cognitive neuroscientist, reading specialist, and former high school and college teacher.  She received her doctorate in the College of Education at the University of New Orleans, conducting her award-winning dissertation research on the neuroanatomy of dyslexia through collaboration with Tulane University School of Medicine.  She continued with a Fellowship in Cognitive Neuroscience researching developmental language disorders through MRI brain scans. She is currently an Assistant Professor in Cognitive Neuroscience, Dr. Zadina is author of Six Weeks to a Brain-Compatible Classroom – a workbook for educators.  She has presented keynotes and workshops internationally.

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