SEI Endorsement Frequently Asked Questions

Endorsement Status in ELAR

I applied for my endorsement though ELAR and successfully completed and passed an SEI Endorsement course through MATSOL. Why has my endorsement status not been updated in ELAR?

Please allow 2 months processing time from the last meeting date of your course (usually the last Capstone date) for your status to be updated in ELAR. If your status is still not updated after this time, contact [email protected] to inquire about your endorsement.

NOTE: Make sure the course registration information you submitted to MATSOL matches your information in ELAR exactly. Please review requirements here.

Certificate of Attendance / Professional Development Points

How does MATSOL send me my PDPs for the SEI Endorsement course?

MATSOL sends participants who successfully complete and pass the SEI Endorsement course PDPs via email. In order to receive PDPs, you must complete the end-of-course survey and enter a valid email address. 

NOTE: Some district emails block incoming mail from MATSOL. You may prefer to submit a private email on the end-of-course survey, such as a Gmail address.

Please allow 1 month processing time from the last meeting date of your course (usually the last Capstone date) to receive your PDPs. If you do not receive your PDPs by this time, be sure to check your spam folder (at the email address you entered on the end-of-course survey). If you still cannot locate your PDPs, contact [email protected]

Graduate Credit

How do I receive graduate credit for the SEI Endorsement course?

At the start of the course, MATSOL will provide detailed instructions on how to apply for graduate credit through Fitchburg State University.

You must register online with FSU for a course no later than either (1) up to the second class meeting or (2) fourteen [14] days following the first day of class whichever occurs sooner.

Upon successfully completing and passing the course, you can request a transcript from FSU for evidence of graduate credit. Learn more here.