MATSOL Board of Directors

2019 Slate of Nominations

The MATSOL Nominations Committee presents the following slate for election to the MATSOL Board of Directors. The election will take place at the MATSOL Annual Meeting:

Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Ashland Room
Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center

All members are welcome to attend the Annual Meeting, whether or not you are registered for the conference. Refreshments will be served.

2019 Slate of Nominations

Nomination Statements

Jody Klein

ESL Teacher, Newton Public Schools

I am a career educator who has worked as a bilingual and ESL teacher, program administrator, teacher trainer and organizer of professional development. I am excited to rejoin the board because I want to be part of a team that helps plan and create professional learning opportunities for teachers and administrators.  One of my interests is in the area of teaching partnerships between classroom/content teachers and ESL teachers to teach language and content. Another interest is mentoring teachers working in linguistically diverse schools who are developing teacher leadership skills. 

I bring knowledge, experience and passion for upholding the rights of English learners and their families to the board. After 25 years in the field, I have seen changes in the regulations that govern English language programming in the public schools of Massachusetts. There has been substantial progress and advocacy in the education of English learners and I am excited to be part of this continued work. As a board member, I would apply my skills mentoring teacher leaders, writing grants, organizing and delivering professional development, leading ELL programming and curriculum development to further the MATSOL board’s mission and activities. 

Theresa Laquerre

K-6 ELL Teacher, Acton-Boxborough Pubic Schools

MATSOL is the professional organization offering guidance to teachers of EL students. As a teacher in Massachusetts, I have often benefited from the resources available. Those resources include best teaching practices, program guidance, as well as professional development. In addition, teachers can read about the latest advocacy efforts and are often encouraged to become active with the support of the organization.

As a nominee, I have been active in the TESOL organization, in leadership roles, specifically as Elementary Education Interest Section Chair, Nominating Committee and Steering Board. The TESOL positions and learning opportunities have led me to become more involved locally. I have found MATSOL offers specific guidance on local teaching challenges, such as student populations and state laws.

I look forward to taking a more active role in MATSOL as a member of the Board of Directors. In this position, I will be able to give back to the association. My strengths include keeping a strong affiliate relationship with the new TESOL Board and supporting professional learning programs, both online and in person. I see many opportunities to attract new members in this way. I understand this is a commitment for three years, and am willing to dedicate myself to this position. 

Stephanie N. Marcotte

Adjunct Professor of ESL, ESL Supplemental Instructor, and MCCC HCC Union Chapter President, Holyoke Community College

I am a proud member of the TESOL field which is facing constant threads of deprofessionalization, reduced budgets, adjunctification, and loss of credit. Our students are feeling the pressure from high costs of tuitions, increased standardized tests, and growing immigration reforms. In this moment, I am drawn to the field of TESOL more than ever. Our educators, students, and communities deserve more. These issues mixed with my love of teaching ESL and TESOL certificate programs has drawn me farther into the field. I was pleased to serve NNETESOL in a variety of capacities; however, Massachusetts is where I live and work. I hope to take all of my experiences and transferable skills from my doctoral work, community college teaching, NNETESOL leadership, and union leadership to serve the MATSOL Board. I want to help MATSOL and the MATSOL board as we continue to provide new opportunities of hope, connection, learning, and advocacy within the field and across the state!

Molly Ross

SEI Instructional Coach, Randolph Public Schools

I would like to join the MATSOL board of directors in order to encourage more educators to become active professionals in the field of teaching emergent bilingual students and to personally engage in large conversations around providing high quality and equitable education for immigrant and bilingual students. I believe that, collectively, we have a much stronger and more empowered voice and that as our field grows in Massachusetts, we need to encourage all ESL teachers to take a more active role in our professional

community. Whether we work in a university, a large district or a district with only a few emergent bilingual students, we can all benefit from having a community to share ideas, advocate for our students, and improve as professionals. Additionally, I would like the opportunity to work more directly with stakeholders across Massachusetts to ensure that teachers’ voices are being heard. As an ESL teacher, teacher educator, and instructional coach, I will bring my own personal perspective along with the voices of the educators and preservice educators I work with on a daily basis to the MATSOL the board of directors.