Supporting Teachers of ELs Through Observational Protocols (EL-107)

Using Massachusetts SEI Smart Card 

The SEI Smart Card is an observational guide for school leaders to use as they walk through sheltered content classrooms. It is available from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as part of the RETELL initiative (See The SEI Smart Card can inform:

  • The focus of professional development for sheltered content teachers;
  • Allocation of resources, such as materials and coaches;
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses of current SEI practices;
  • Improvement of English learner education.

This course teaches school leaders how to utilize the SEI Smart Card during learning walkthroughs and instructional rounds.. The course reviews the SEI Smart Card indicators for Organization of the Classroom (OC) and Instructional Design and Delivery (IDD). Participants have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the indicators, practice applying them through video exemplars, and then use the SEI Smart Card in their own school context. (View FIier)


Available to School Districts

If interested, write to [email protected]


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Any school leader or administrator who oversees teachers working with English learners and/or has input into action plans for their school/district

  • Successful completion of the SEI Endorsement (Administrator or Teacher Course)
  • Access to classrooms to perform walkthroughs, in order to practice using the Smart Card. (If you do not have access, you will not be able to complete the assignments for this course and receive PDPs or credit).

3 hours of asynchronous online coursework before session one; two 3-hour face-to-face sessions; 4 hours for a district-based practical application, and a 2-hour online synchronous webinar (15 hours total). Can be formatted flexibly to meet the needs of a district. 

MATSOL Registration & Payment Policy


15 PDPs - Fulfills Requirement for 15 PDPs in English learner education for recertification


For questions contact: Ann Feldman [email protected]