Leading for English Learner Equity and Achievement

For administrators and leaders of culturally and linguistically diverse schools


This course is designed for administrators who are responsible for school-level policies, leading school improvement planning and data analysis processes, and making decisions about programs and professional development. Preferred Qualification: SEI Administrator Endorsement Course Completion

Participants should be able to answer “YES” to the following questions:

  1. Are you (at least) partially responsible for crafting school policies and the school improvement plan?
  2. Do you have the authority to make decisions related to schedules and program options at the school level?
  3. Do you have at least some control over the time and topics that are provided for professional development for staff at the school or district level?
  4. Do you lead data analysis meetings and (help) decide which data gets analyzed and who participates in the analysis?  


Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Engage in collaborative discussions and analyze current practices in local and shared contexts to broaden understanding of the need to promote a shared and culturally-responsive vision of equity and success for English learners. (Professional Culture)
  • Explore the benefits of fostering a climate that values the assets of ELs and their families, identify opportunities to empower families as partners, and apply this information to their local context. (Family and Community Engagement)
  • Create focus goals for their own schools and districts after critically thinking through effective instructional approaches for the simultaneous development of English and content knowledge, and examining elements of guidance tools, research, and examples /non-examples of promising practices.  (Instructional Leadership)
  • Work collaboratively to evaluate leaders’ existing district/school general and language policies, action plans and practices, and plan to address problems of practice to ensure equity and success for English learners. (Management and Operations)


Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Schools: Leading for EL Equity and Achievement is a leadership course for decision-makers serving English language learners in our increasingly diverse schools. School leaders will hone their skills in developing collaborative relationships and practices to better identify, evaluate and plan improvements to build equity and achievement for English learners.

This course is designed to build upon the understandings presented in the Massachusetts Sheltered English Endorsement Administrators course through an update on current responsibilities and expectations of leaders, research related to promising practices, and the application of current tools to support educator inquiry and school improvement. This course features interactive tasks and discussions, review of current research, connections to other state initiatives, action planning, text/video analyses and the application of deepened understandings of promising instructional and collaborative strategies to leadership roles and responsibilities. 

This course will provide leaders with opportunities to deepen their knowledge base, reflect, plan, and act on their school’s policies and systems in order to implement school and district improvement plans and initiatives that ensure equitable and achievement opportunities for English learners.

This course was developed in conjunction with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.