Next Generation ESL Model Curriculum Units: Facilitator Training

2018-18 ESL MCU FacT course: Please see this flier for information on the 2018-19 course


ESE is proud to once again sponsor the ESL MCU FacT, this is a NO COST Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) sponsored course. This five-day institute training prepares educators to effectively and collaboratively design Next Generation ESL curriculum units within the context of the Massachusetts Definition of the Focus of ESL Instruction. Through an intense exploration of the Next Generation  ESL MCU Project and its research-based processes and resources, participants will be equipped with the knowledge to provide professional development and facilitate the project’s curriculum design framework with in-district colleagues. Download flier: FacT Course Summer 2017

Course Description

The goal of “ESL MCU FacT” is an intense exploration of the Next Generation ESL MCU Project so that participants leave with confidence about providing professional development and facilitating the project’s curriculum design framework with in-district colleagues. This FacT training will include:

  • preparatory readings, videos, and resources to inform effective participation in FacT or to provide review of required areas of foundational knowledge,
  • a one hour pre-workshop webinar with an overview of the FacT training and necessary background 
  • a five-day institute workshop that includes practice with the support, facilitation, and development of Next Generation ESL units using the projects’ curriculum design framework
  • time to engage with the project’s tools, protocols, processes, and continuous improvement cycles
  • a training support site (presentation templates, packet, facilitation materials, pre-webinar, assignments, participant discussion and sharing of materials, etc.)
  • qualification to provide professional development and facilitate Next Generation ESL curriculum development in your own district, upon completion of requirement
Since this is an institute formatted course participants will have structured, supported, opportunities to work on their capstones. Participants are asked to come prepared to work on the development of a Next Generation ESL Curriculum Unit or to work on development of a comprehensive plan for in-district implementation of the Facilitator Training
Date & Location

ESE is offering various sessions of the training in four different regions of the state:

  • FacT 1- Central- Leominster- July 10- 14, 2017 (5 days),  8:30-3:30 CLOSED
  • FacT 2- Greater Boston/North- Burlington- July 17- 21, 2017 (5 days), 8:30-3:30 CLOSED
  • FacT 3- Greater Boston/South- Brockton- July 31- August 4, 2017 (5 days), 8:30-3:30 CLOSED 
  • FacT 4- West- Holyoke- August 7, 8, 10, 11, 16, 2017 (5 days), 8:30-3:30 CLOSED 

We recommend that districts register teams including the EL Program Coordinator/ Supervisor, a District Curriculum Supervisor, an ESL-licensed Lead Teacher, or equivalent district staff who regularly participates in district initiatives related to the instruction of ELs. If you are not able to register as a team, you may register as an individual. Please note: All course requirements are in force regardless of if a participant registers as a team or as an individual.


Successful candidates and teams will have:

a. a strong foundation in second language acquisition
b. understanding of the Massachusetts Frameworks and shifts in the CCSS
c. understanding of the WIDA ELD Standards Framework and performance of ELs at different levels
d. experience using Understanding by Design (UbD) or backward design for curriculum development
e. experience using Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and planning around barriers to curriculum, instruction and assessment given student variability
f. experience leading professional development including curricular coaching, instructing courses, workshops and meetings, applying and understanding adult learning principles, and serving in teacher leadership roles in school or district-based professional learning structures such as PLCs.
g. an articulated, district-supported pathway to deliver PD in their local context (through staff meetings, PLC time, planning time, scheduled workshops, etc.)
h. clear expectations to facilitate curriculum development with others
Graduate Credit

A graduate credit option will be provided for this course. 3 Graduate Credits with Fitchburg State University. More information to follow, once registration for the course is complete.

Attendance Policy

This is a DESE-sponsored course offered at NO COST to Massachusetts educators. However, participation is not FREE. The State is sponsoring the course, and therefore the application and registration require a participant’s  FULL COMMITMENT TO EVERY DATE, ALL TIMES, and ALL COURSE REQUIREMENTS of the course.

  • There are no exceptions to the commitment to 100% attendance.
  • There are no make up sessions, even in cases of emergency. If a session is missed, a Certificate of Attendance will be given in lieu of a PDP Certificate.
  • MATSOL can only register participants who make written commitment in their application to attend and all dates and times.
  • Deadline: Registrations must be submitted no later than June 10, 2017. This course is in high demand and has limited DESE-sponsored spaces, so register early since seats will fill very quickly. 
  • Assurance of AttendanceAll registrations will be reviewed for statements of assurance.
  • Individual/Team Registration: You may register individually or as part of a 2 or 3 person team. Preference is given to district teams. Team registrations must be submitted in one online registration form.
  • Waitlist: Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. If the course is full, you may put your name on a waitlist.

Please have the following information ready for the online application.

Team registrations: 

  • One person must complete the registration form with information for all team members. 
  • Make sure you have all the information below for your team members before you start the registration process. If the online form times out, you will have to start again at the beginning.
  • The person completing the form will receive the registration receipt. Additional confirmations will be sent to all team members after the registrations are reviewed.
Required Information
  1. Full name (First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name)
  2. Job title/role in district
  3. School district
  4. School or department
  5. Grades you serve
  6. Work and personal phone number (to reach you after school and during the summer)
  7. Preferred email for course communications (with access during the summer)
  8. Mailing address
  9. Email for Google course site -- either gmail or google enterprise email. If you do not have one, please set up a free gmail account before registering.
  10. Pre-Requiste qualifications for each team member (see list a-h above)
  11. An assurance of your commitment of all course dates and times (5 days).
  12. Whether or not you are interested in graduate credit.

On registration form, click "Register Yourself" first, then "Register Guest" to register any team members.

  • Register - FacT 1- Central- Leominster- July 10- 14, 2017  CLOSED
  • Register - FacT 2- Greater Boston/North- Burlington- July 17- 21, 2017 CLOSED
  • Register - FacT 3- Greater Boston/South- Brockton- July 31- August 4, 2017 CLOSED 
  • Register - FacT 4- West- Holyoke- August 7, 8, 10, 11, 16, 2017 CLOSED

For more information contact: Allison Audet at [email protected]