2023 Conference

Call for Proposals - Teaching Tips & Poster Sessions

On-Demand sessions will be showcased in the 2023 MATSOL Hybrid Conference. The Teaching Tips and Poster Sessions will be available during the entire conference so attendees can visit and engage with the presentations at any time.

Session Types

  • Teaching Tip: 15-minute pre-recorded demonstration of a pedagogically-focused strategy or classroom activity in a visually engaging format. You may also include digital handouts or materials that viewers can download for use in their classrooms. Proposals due April 16, 2023.

  • Poster: 15-minute pre-recorded presentation of an academically sound scholarly or research project presented, with a digital poster display and/or slideshow presented in a visually engaging format, highlighting work through charts, graphs, maps, etc. Proposals due April 16, 2023.

Submissions due April 16, 2023 -- Extended!

Submission Guidelines

For the proposal

  1. Link to your pre-recorded video presentation - 15 minutes maximum. Video recording tips here!
  2. Display title - Clearly identify the topic of your presentation
  3. Abstract - 50 words maximum for the program
  4. Keywords - 3 search keywords
  5. Audience - primary audience
  6. Presenter information - name, affiliation, email address, etc.

For the On-Demand Display (if your video is selected you will get a link later on to input these items)

All of the above, plus:

  1. Cover photo - Recommended image dimensions: 800px x 450px (Max 1000px x 1000px)
  2. Photos - Maximum 10 MB file size limit (Optional)
  3. PDFs - Maximum 2 handouts with 10 MB file size limit (Optional)
  4. Website URL (Optional)

Submission Deadline

Submissions must include a link to your final pre-recorded video (15 minutes maximum) with download permissions.

Submissions due April 16, 2023.

Video Hosting Options

  1. Videos must be no more than 15 minutes long.
  2. Save your recording via a file sharing platform like Google Drive or Dropbox (NOT YouTube), making sure that Jason at [email protected] has the appropriate rights to download it. Submit the video link in the proposal form.
  3. If selected, MATSOL will upload the video to the MATSOL YouTube channel for display in the On-Demand section.
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