E-List Leader

Promote discussion and member engagement and participation in a MATSOL E-List by regularly posting resources, links, and discussion questions. See a list of current E-Lists.


  • Send at least one email per week to the E-List.
  • Find resources and links to post to the E-List.
  • Respond to member posts as needed to encourage discussion.
  • Help members troubleshoot basic E-list problems.
  • Monitor the E-list for inappropriate activity.
  • Participate in periodic online meetings with other E-list leaders to share ideas and strategies.
  • Write a brief annual report summarizing the topics discussed on the list for publication in Currents.


  • Interest in the E-list topic (expertise in the topic is welcome, but not  required)
  • Willingness to find resources to post to the group
  • Willingness to learn about E-list functions in the MATSOL members system (Memberclicks)


Complete this Google form: https://goo.gl/forms/APzTiwZgODLiKC812