MATSOL Ambassadors 

MATSOL Ambassadors help spread the wordabout MATSOL’s mission and our values of professionalism, educational quality, multilingualism/multiculturalism, collaboration, and diversity.

You will join a small team of ambassadors with the mission to talk to teachers, support staff, and administrators who work with English Learners, and to encourage all Massachusetts educators (not just ESL teachers) to take advantage of MATSOL’s resources and support.

You Should Apply If You Are:

  • an educator or administrator who is willing to share their excitement about MATSOL with others
  • active on at least one social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram) and willing to post about our organization from your account
  • able to spend a couple of hours per month promoting our resources and offerings
  • comfortable allowing MATSOL to use your photo or bio for promotional purposes


As a MATSOL Ambassador, you will:

  • speak to colleagues one-on-one about the issues facing English learners and point them to MATSOL resources addressing those issues
  • invite colleagues to enroll in MATSOL courses within their academic areas or areas of interest.
  • Introduce department heads, principals and district administrators to the training MATSOL can offer their schools, districts, or regions
  • write a blog post prior to our 2018 MATSOL conference why you are attending the conference and what you hope to get out of the experience
  • attend virtual meetings to network with other Ambassadors and share ideas on how to disseminate information.


Complete this Google form:

Ann Feldman, MATSOL Director of Professional Learning