Keynote Speakers

Wednesday, May 29
Thursday, May 30 Friday, May 31

Maria Estela Brisk

Professor of Education, Boston College

Adam Strom

Director, Re-Imagining Migration

Jake “2 Pi” Scott

Math Success Coach, International High School at Langley Park


Wednesday, May 29

Maria Estela Brisk

Learning from the Past, Moving to the Future: The LOOK Act - An Opportunity for Quality Education

The original TBE legislation taught us the benefits of using students’ heritage language to enhance their education, the last 15 years without TBE made it necessary for all teachers to get involved in the education of bilingual students and showed the pivotal role of ESL teachers in schools.  Let’s this new law create opportunities for whole school improvement to address the presence of emergent bilinguals.

Maria Estela Brisk, Professor of Education, Boston College. Her research and teaching interests include writing development and instruction, bilingual education, bilingual language and literacy acquisition, and preparation of mainstream teachers to work with bilingual learners.  She is the author of numerous articles and six books: Bilingual Education:  From Compensatory to Quality Schooling; Literacy and Bilingualism:  A Handbook for ALL Teachers; Situational Context of Education:  A Window into the World of Bilingual Learners; Language Development and Education: Children with Varying Language Experiences.  (with P. Menyuk); Language, culture, and community in teacher education; and Engaging Students in Academic Literacies: Genre-based Pedagogy for K-5 Classrooms. Professor Brisk is a native of Argentina.

Thursday, May 30

Adam Strom

Re-Imagining Migration: Educating Youth for a World on the Move

In the United States, 26% of school-aged children are immigrants or the children of immigrants.  Finding ways to facilitate their flourishing and successful social inclusion is both a demographic and a democratic imperative. In schools, too often immigrant students viewed simply as language learners, yet all young people instead of civic agents. in an age of mass migration, educators must ensure that all students grow up understanding migration as a shared condition of our past, present, and future in order to develop the knowledge, empathy, and mindsets that sustain inclusive and welcoming communities.

Adam Strom is the Director of Re-Imagining Migration, an organization whose mission is to ensure that all young people grow up understanding migration as a fundamental characteristic of the human condition, in order to develop the knowledge, empathy and mindsets that sustain inclusive and welcoming communities. The educational resorces developed under Strom’s direction have been used in tens of thousands of classrooms and experienced by millions of students around the world including Stories of Identity: Religion, Migration, and Belonging in a Changing World and What Do We Do with a Difference? France and The Debate Over Headscarves in Schools, Identity, and Belonging in a Changing Great Britain, and the viewer’s guide to I Learn America. Before joining helping to found Re-Imagining Migration, Strom was the Director of Scholarship and Innovation at Facing History and Ourselves.

Friday, May 31

Jake Scott

Empowering the Next Generation of ELLs

Jake “2 Pi” Scott shares how his experiences teaching ELLs and a conversation with a student who felt disenfranchised as a minority in an AP Math class propelled him to become a world-renowned Math rapper, educational leader, and author.  Additionally, Scott explores how his battle against the marginalization of ELLs and minorities lead to career threatening conflicts with teachers and administrators.  Finally, he shares about how those who have been helped have returned to make a difference in the lives of others.

Jake “2 Pi” Scott is an decorated educator, wrestling coach, Math rapper, and author. He has a reputation for thinking outside of the box as he motivates students to reach their fullest potential. Scott’s work extends as far east as Vietnam and as far south as Guatemala.  In 2010, Scott spearheaded B-SMART, a summer original-credit education program which was instrumental in keeping hundreds of students in the classroom over the summer and  promoting them from remedial math to on-grade-level or even honors. Scott’s work has been featured on NPR, VOA, and many other media and he was named 2011 NAACP Teacher of the Year .  Scott served for 14 years with Montgomery County Public Schools.  In 2015 Scott transitioned to become Math Department Chair at Cardozo High School in Washington, DC where he served for two years.  In 2017, he transitioned to become the founding upper level Math Success Coach at International High School at Langley Park, an innovative school for ELLs making a major impact in Prince George’s County.