2019 Conference

Presenter Information

Information for presenters to plan for your conference presentation.


Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center
1657 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA 01701

Parking is available on-site at the hotel.


All presenters must register for the conference. Additional presenters cannot be added to the program. 

Conference Schedule & Room Assignment

You can view your session date, time and presentation room assignment in the MATSOL 2019 Conference Online Program. Find your room location on the conference center map.

Conference Check-in

All presenters and co-presenters must check in at the Presenter Check-In table at the conference. Pick up your badge and confirm that you are present for your session.  

Cancellations & No-Shows

Occasionally, colleagues who have agreed to present do not show up for their presentations. These no-shows leave gaps in the conference schedule that disappoint attendees and detract from the quality of the conference. If extenuating circumstances prevent you from fulfilling your commitment, please contact Helen Solorzano immediately at [email protected] or 781-573-8013 so that we may notify attendees of the cancellation. If you fail to contact MATSOL and do not show up for your presentation, you cannot submit a proposal for the next MATSOL conference.

Room Capacity

Participants choose which session to attend on-site, so we cannot predict how many people will attend each session. There are usually 8-10 sessions running at each time slot for 600 attendees. Maximum capacity for each room is listed below, but will not be reached for most sessions.

There is a 15 minute break between sessions when you may enter your session room. Please make sure you leave the room on time at the end of your session.

Please note that we cannot change the room set up or chair arrangements for individual presentations, so plan your activities accordingly. If chairs are moved around, make sure to return them to their original position at the end of the session.

Room capacity and set-up:

  • Grand South / Grand Center / Grand North: 150-200 people - Round tables
  • Ashland / Wayland / Carlisle: 100-150 people - Theater style (rows of chairs)
  • Boardroom /  Concord / Middlesex West / Middlesex East / Sudbury: 50-60 people - Theater style (rows of chairs)
  • Dover / Hopkington: 25 people - Theater style (rows of chairs)

Click here to view the hotel's map and capacity chart.


Presenters are responsible for either handouts for the presentation and/or posting handouts in the online conference program for participants to access electronically. Since participants do not pre-register for sessions, it is impossible to predict attendance for any session. We advise you to make copies based on room capacity and to upload your handouts to the online conference program. MATSOL encourages you to keep your handouts short and refer people to more extensive information online.

To upload handouts for your session:

  • Sign in at  with the login information you used to submit your proposal.
  • Click on your session under the "My Proposals" heading.
  • Scroll to the "Session Materials" section and follow the directions to upload your handouts.

Audio/Visual Equipment

MATSOL provides a LCD projector, screen and a wifi Internet connection in all presentation rooms at no charge to presenters. Presenters must bring a laptop.

Connecting to the Projector

NEW! Connect to the AV system via your USB-A or USB-C (MAC) port with the Clickshare system. You can also connect via an App. See Clickshare instructions.

1. Look for the Clickshare button in your presentation room. Connect the ClickShare Button to the USB-A or USB-C port on your laptop.

2. Click the button to share your screen.
Microphone & Sound System
  • Microphones are set up in larger rooms only - Grand South, Grand Center, Grand North & Ashland. In those rooms, connect to the audio system via the Clickshare button or app.
  • In other rooms, look for portable speakers to plug into the audio jack on your laptop.
Wifi & Streaming
  • Wifi is available throughout the conference center.
  • As a backup, we advise presenters to download your online content to your computer, in case of connection problems. 
Technical Assistance
  • Make sure that you know how to operate your equipment before the conference – technical support for equipment brought by the presenter cannot be provided by MATSOL or the hotel staff. 

Travel & Housing

See the Conference Travel and Hotel page to make a hotel reservation or get directions to the Framingham Hotel and Conference Center. Please note that MATSOL cannot provide funding to cover travel costs for presenters.