Promoting excellence and equity in the education of English language learners.


  • Call for Proposals Private Language Schools / Intensive English Programs Mini-Conference, Saturday November 11, 2017 (due August 31)

Professional Learning

Summer 2017

Fall 2017-Spring 2018

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  • Introduction to English Language Development Standards in Massachusetts (EL-101)
  • Supporting English Learners in Specialty Subjects and Support Services (EL-103)
  • Early English Language Development for PK-K Teachers (EL-104)
  • Academic English for English Learners in Math and Science (EL-106)
  • Massachusetts Sheltered English Immersion Smart Card (EL-107)
  • SEI Teacher Endorsement (RE-600)
  • SEI Administrator Endorsement (RE-601)

MATSOL is a professional association of educators of English language learners in Massachusetts. Our members include educators in PK-12 schools, adult basic education and workplace programs, and institutions of higher learning. MATSOL is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Find out more...