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Spring/Summer 2015 Issue

In this issue:

- President’s Message
- MATSOL's New Strategic Plan 2014
- Conference Planning: A Peak Behind the Scenes by Kathy Lobo

- Submit to MATSOL Publications

- An Update on The Newcomer Curriculum: Spring 2014 by Sonya Merian And Genevra Valvo
- Community College ESOL Networking Meetings by Juanita Brunelle
- An Update on Adult Education in Massachusetts by Laurie Sheridan

- Hands-On Guided Reading with Ells by Monica Filgo
- Graphic Organizers Streamline Learning for Ells adapted from The Official Blog Of Mayor Robert J. Dolan, Melrose, MA
- Teaching the Art and Craft of Writing: Treating Words and Pictures as Equal Languages For Learning by Beth Olshansky
- Improved Student Learning through Teacher Inquiry by Sarah Ottow and Jacqui Holmes
- Creating Opportunities for Pre-Service Teachers to Work with English Language Learners by James Nagle
- Blended Learning in An Intensive TESOL Certificate Course by Pamela A. Shea
- The Accreditation Conundrum: Reconciling Objectives, Assessment, and Student Learning Outcomes with the Natural Acquisition of Language by Nathaniel Freedman

- The Triple Package, by Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld, reviewed by Eileen Feldman
- Additive Schooling in Subtractive Times: Bilingual Education And Dominican Immigrant Youth in the Heights, By L. Bartlett And O. García, reviewed by Lisa Cullington
- Understanding and Using English Grammar, by Betty Azar And Stacy Hagen, reviewed by Rima Alrajhi

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