MATSOL Awards & Grants

MATSOL awards and grants recognize excellence, creativity, and innovation in our field. Awards are presented at the annual MATSOL conference.


2015 Call for Nominations & Proposals

  • MATSOL Teacher of the Year: Recognizing excellence in the education of English language learners. - Deadline extended to April 1 

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MATSOL Teacher of the Year Award

Submit the nomination form for the 2015 Teacher of the Year award (upload 3 attachments maximum)

The MATSOL Teacher of the Year Award was established to recognize excellence in the education of English language learners. A teacher selected for the award has demonstrated:

  • Successful teaching of English language learners as shown through evidence of best instructional practices and incorporation of students' linguistic and cultural backgrounds within the classroom.
  • Long-term commitment to the education of ELLs.
  • Leadership roles at the school, district, and/or state level on behalf of English language learners.
  • Mentoring and supporting of new teachers to the field through both informal and formal induction programs.
  • Strong relationships with the community and (for K-12) parents of ELLs.

The Anne Dow Award for Excellence and Creativity

The Anne Dow Award for Excellence and Creativity is given annually to a professional who has made outstanding efforts that reflect enthusiasm and creative, energetic, independent thinking. This professional displays the ability to take risks, solve problems, support colleagues, and model ethical behavior. Specific criteria vary from year to year, to reflect the many facets of Anne's career and interests. The 2015 award is for fostering a professional, supportive collegial environment for educators of English language learners in today’s challenging environment.

Anne Rindlaub Dow

Anne Rindlaub Dow died in October 2003 at 65, after a two-year battle with multiple myeloma.  Anne was best known as the director of ESL programs at Harvard for over 20 years. She made a difference in the lives of many who knew her in the Boston area and throughout the world. Her death is a great loss for our community.


Linda Schulman Innovation Grants

The Linda Schulman Innovation Awards program supports projects that promote English language learning and embody the spirit of creativity, sensitivity and community. Grants of $500 to $1,000 will fund one or more pedagogical projects to benefit English Language Learners by improving their language skills or increasing their understanding of American culture.

All MATSOL members who are currently teaching ESL in a K-12 school, a college, or an adult education program in the state of Massachusetts are encouraged to apply for these small grants. Grant recipients are expected to produce a written report when the project is completed, share any materials produced with grant funds with MATSOL members, and serve as mentors to future applicants.

Linda Schulman served on the MATSOL Board of Directors and was President of MATSOL from 1997-1998.

Visit the Linda Schulman Award website for more information and to see a list of funded projects.

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