Early English Language Development for PK-K Teachers (EL-104)

Dual Language Learners and Instruction using WIDA E-ELD standards

This 15 PDP course in English Learner Education for PreK-K teachers provides a hands-on learning experience to unlock your students' potential.
Learn about:
  • The stages of oral language development for young dual language learners, and how they differ from monolingual students.
  • Classroom supports and strategies that encourage language use and growth.
  • Resources from WIDA and Head Start for dual language learners.
  • Socio-cultural considerations for working with students and their families.
If you want to go beyond the skills and knowledge you developed in the SEI endorsement course, this is the course for you!

Available to School Districts

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 MATSOL Course Registration & Payment Policies


Early educators or their supervisors.


Organization of WIDA Early Language Development Standards for Dual Language Learners (DLLs) ages 2.5-5.5.  Developmentally appropriate academic language, school readiness, culture, role of family, differentiated instruction and supports for English Learners, sharing resources. Taught by WIDA-certified instructors. This is an Extending the Learning Course - ESE Course Number EEC123.

This course is jointly approved for SEI Extending the Learning by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care.


2 six-hour sessions with 3 hours of asynchronous online coursework between sessions (15 hours total). Can be formatted flexibly to meet the needs of a district. 


MATSOL Course Registration & Payment Policies


15 PDPs - Fulfills Requirement for15 PDPs in English learner education for recertification


Optional 1 graduate credit


This course focuses on English Language Learners (ELLs), also known as Dual Language Learners (DLLs), ages 2.5–5.5 and their teaches in a public school setting. DLL students have unique paths of language development in relationship to monolingual language development in early learning contexts. Participants will explore the concept of developmentally appropriate academic language and reflect on school readiness for Pre-K and Kindergarten students. Teachers will create resources based on examination of how schools can be ready for linguistically diverse children and their families and perceptions some families may have regarding the concept of school readiness. By developing an understanding of the newly adopted WIDA E-ELD Performance Definitions, Standards, and their Matrices, teachers will experience how the standards support planning and instruction for dual language learners, practice approaches to implementing E-ELD standards in their classrooms, and share resources. This course is jointly approved by ESE and the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care.