Mass SLIFE Guidance Document Released

The Department of Elementary and Secondary education has released new guidance on SLIFE students: "Massachusetts Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE) Definition and Guidance."

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Definition of SLIFE
  • Part 1: Initial Identification of SLIFE
  • Part 1.1: Identification of SLIFE Currently Enrolled in Massachusetts Schools 
  • Part 2: SLIFE Programming Guiding Principles 
  • Part 3: Programming Considerations 
  • Part 4: Redesignation Criteria for SLIFE into Non-SLIFE Status 
  • Appendix A: Sample SLIFE Pre-Screener 
  • Appendix B: Sample SLIFE Interview
  • Appendix C: Sample Individualized Learning Plan
  • Appendix D: Glossary of Key Terms

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