Translators & Interpreters

  • Translation is the transference of meaning from a written text in one language (the source language) to a written text in another language (the target language).
  • Interpreting is the transference of meaning from speech in one language to speech in another. 

Guides for Hiring Translators/Interpreters

Free mini-guides on translation & interpreting from American Translators Association.

MA DESE Parent Communications
Legal Requirements & Civil Rights
Find a Translator/Interpreter

New England Translators Association: Find a Translator
A searchable database from New England's professional organization of translators and interpreter.

Translation and Interpretation Network
Operated by Catholic Charities, Diocese of Fort Worth, TX, the Network provides professional interpretation and translation services in more than seventy languages. Services include in person and over the phone interpretation, training for interpreters, and document translation. You can support this resettlement agency while getting help with your translation needs! 

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